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Chicken Unit Blocked

March 7, 2022

On the 18th February 2022, the VLM managed to collectively buy out another parcel of animal agriculture grazing land with our stealth campaign. This was a hard campaign because we had to keep all the details a secret.

We did not intend to go for another plot so soon, but when this came on to our radar, we felt we had no choice, because there was something incredibly important to prevent, attached to this plot of land. It came with PLANNING PERMISSION for a CHICKEN UNIT! We found out from the estate agents that there were two chicken farmers interested – one had already submitted an offer and the other wanted to extend the planning permission to house even more birds. The planning permission was for 2,500 chickens. This equates to approximately 20,000 chickens a year, based on a 6.5 week turn around. So, it was not a big unit, but as many of you know when these units are built, they often end up becoming larger over time.

Here are parts of the Planning Permission we can share (click to enlarge):

Chicken is the UK’s most popular animal flesh, ‘with 20 million birds slaughtered every week in the UK. The vast majority (86%) of industrial-sized farms are in the poultry sector, with 1,534 industrial-sized farms’.

Factory farms are responsible for the growing threat of bird flu, a disease which has a 50% mortality rate in humans when infected and has been spreading across the UK. Factory farming is a breeding ground for new pandemics, animal cruelty and environmental destruction.
工厂化农场(factory farms)造成禽流感的威胁越来越大,这种疾病已经传播到英国各地,人被感染后的死亡率高达50%。工厂化养殖业(factory farming)不仅是滋生新的大流行病(pandemic)的温床,而且还是虐待动物和破坏环境的元凶。

The huge amounts of faecal waste produced by chicken farming, together with feathers, bedding and dead chickens, are difficult to manage in landfills or as compost. Storage of waste or overfertilization of land with chicken manure can cause runoff into rivers, lakes and ponds. Manure contains phosphorus and nitrogen, and runoff that carries these nutrients causes algae blooms in fresh water. Algae blooms reduce sunlight penetration in water, cutting the oxygen supply to underwater plants, a condition known as eutrophication. This leads to the death of fish. Heavy metals and pathogenic microbes in chicken waste also harm and cause disease in land wildlife.

The VLM have not only blocked this chicken unit from being built, but we have also prevented the subsequent pollution that would have had a big impact on the local biodiversity causing many adverse effects. This land is near a river that is already suffering the consequences of animal waste runoff and a unit like this would have been devastating for the already struggling wildlife in this area.

We would like to say thank you to all of those who donated towards saving this land as well as the lives of the 20,000 chickens who would have suffered there. Whether you donated £1, £10,000 or everything in between, you helped make this happen. This land, like the other two parcels of land bought by the VLM, will never be used to harm sentient life again and will also become a safe place for the critically endangered species who can now make it their home.

The future for the land now looks bright. We are in communication with some wonderful people local to the area, regarding creating a veganic community mixed orchard on part of the land, that will be free for local people to harvest fruit. I’m sure you will agree that this is a much more compassionate, positive, and sustainable use of the land for growing food, than either dairy or poultry farming.

The idea of Vegan Land Movement CIC is to become a large Movement and is about us all uniting as a community to work together in buying more plots of animal agriculture land. If the VLM grows and enough people subscribe every month, this would enable us as a global community to buy similar plots much more frequently. This would make a real difference to critically endangered wildlife, help to mitigate against climate breakdown and of course end the exploitation of animals farmed on these parcels of land.
“纯素土地运动”社区利益公司(VLM CIC)的理想是发展成一个大型的运动组织,让我们所有人联合起来成为一个群体,共同努力收购更多的动物农业土地。纯素土地运动不断发展壮大,而且每个月都有足够多的人解囊相助,我们就能够发展成为一个全球社群,更加频繁地购买类似的地块。这样就可以真正造福极危的野生生物,帮助阻止气候崩溃(climate breakdown),当然也杜绝在这些土地上养殖和剥削动物。

Will you be a part of making this difference? Please join the Vegan Land Movement.

You can subscribe from as little as £5 a month to help remove land from cruel farming practices, save species, biodiversity and the earth.

If you would like to contact the VLM, please drop us a line.

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