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March 7, 2022

Pets and people fleeing Ukraine provided comfort amid the crisis by animal charity Humane Society International

Charity warns of worsening animal welfare crisis alongside humanitarian tragedy

Humane Society International / Global
国际人道协会 / 全球

BRUSSELS—Animal protection organisation Humane Society International, together with a generous donation from Mars, Incorporated, is helping Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict with their beloved pets by providing emergency funding and supplies such as pet food, blankets as well as veterinary care. The charity reports that refugees accessing their pet support services speak of their relief at being able to save their much loved animal companions who are an enormous comfort in extremely stressful circumstances, especially for traumatised children. While HSI and the local groups with which it works are providing a welcome lifeline for animal victims who make it to safety, the organisation warns of a worsening animal welfare crisis to come inside Ukraine as reaching people and animals with aid is likely to become more problematic.
布鲁塞尔──在玛氏公司(Mars, Incorporated)的慷慨捐赠之下,动物保护组织国际人道协会(HSI)正通过提供应急资金和物品,包括宠物食品、毛毯和兽医护理等,帮助携带各自心爱宠物逃离冲突的乌克兰难民渡过难关。该慈善组织介绍说,由于能够拯救他们深爱的动物伴侣,那些获得宠物支持服务的难民们都表示感到很安心;在极度紧张的情况下,动物的陪伴给予了难民们巨大的安慰,对于受过创伤的孩子更是如此。国际人道协会与地方团体进行合作,正在为到达安全地带的动物受害者提供暖心的生命保障。同时该慈善组织还警告称,由于前去救助人们和动物很可能越来越困难,乌克兰境内的动物福利危机亦将日益加剧。

In Germany, HSI is working with animal welfare group Berliner Tiertafel at a dedicated aid station in Berlin, to provide care packages and veterinary treatment for the refugees arriving with animals. Some of the pets have severe medical issues like epilepsy for which they were provided medication.
国际人道协会与德国的动物福利团体Berliner Tiertafel合作,在柏林的一个专门救护站为难民带来的动物提供关爱包(care packages)和兽医治疗。其中一些宠物患有癫痫等严重的医疗问题,因此接受了相应的药物治疗。

HSI’s Germany director Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason who has been in Berlin distributing pet supplies to refugees, says: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is of course a devastating humanitarian crisis, but the beloved dogs, cats and other animals of those fleeing Ukraine are very much part of that refugee story. Leaving pets behind to starve or be injured in the conflict is understandably for many an impossible decision, and we have heard from refugees we’re helping in Berlin that the loyal companionship of their pets has kept them and their families going on the arduous journey to safety. For children especially, their pets are an enormous source of comfort to help them cope with the trauma of war. These refugees are frightened and exhausted, so being able to help them care for their pets means they have one less thing to worry about at a time when they need help the most.”
国际人道协会的德国主管西尔维·克雷默斯科滕·格利森(Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason)在柏林给有需要的难民分发宠物用品,她表示:“俄罗斯入侵乌克兰当然造成严重的人道主义危机,而那些逃离乌克兰的人们心爱着的狗、猫和其它动物也是难民经历的重要组成部分。许多人都不忍心抛下宠物让它们在冲突中饿死或受伤,这是可以理解的。在柏林受到我们帮助的难民们告诉我们,宠物的忠诚陪伴支撑着他们和家人走完艰险的路程到达安全之地。特别是对于孩子们来说,他们的宠物是帮助他们抚平战争创伤的浩大的安慰源泉。这些难民们已经担惊受怕、精疲力竭,所以现在有人能够帮助他们照顾宠物就意味着,他们在最需要帮助的时候少了一份操心。”

One of the refugees being helped by HSI and Berliner Tiertafel in Germany is Marianna, who fled Kyiv with her two children aged six and 12 years, her mother and their two dogs Erik and Liza the husky. Liza has epilepsy and had a seizure during the traumatic escape, but has now received veterinary attention thanks to HSI.
玛丽安娜(Marianna)是在德国受到国际人道协会和Berliner Tiertafel帮助的其中一位难民,她在逃离基辅(Kyiv)时带着自己的两个孩子(分别为6岁和12岁)、她的母亲以及她们的两只狗狗“埃里克”和“莉莎”(哈士奇)。“莉莎”患有癫痫症,曾经在备受煎熬的逃难途中癫痫发作,现在有幸接受国际人道协会提供的兽医治理。

Another refugee, Karyna, also came to HSI and Berliner Tiertafel for help in Berlin. Her cat, Bonifacio, was in her foster care from a local shelter in Kyiv when the war began and she didn’t want to leave him behind. Karyna says there are around 60 other cats still left at the shelter. Bonifacio has several pre-existing injuries including a hip trauma and brain injury. Karyna is relieved her cat is now receiving the veterinary care he needs.
另一位抵达柏林的难民卡丽娜(Karyna)也向国际人道协会和Berliner Tiertafel求助。她的猫名字叫“博尼法西奥”(Bonifacio),来自基辅当地的一家动物收容所,战争爆发时正好寄养在她家里。卡丽娜逃难时不想抛弃“他”。她说大约还有60只猫仍被留在那家收容所里。“博尼法西奥”原本患有多种旧伤,包括髋关节创伤和脑损伤,现正在接受其所需的兽医护理。卡丽娜对此也感到很欣慰。

HSI teams in Berlin and Trieste in Italy have also packed hundreds of kilos of pet food and supplies to make the journey to the Ukraine border to reach shelters and homes struggling to keep going. Inside Ukraine, HSI has also teamed up with Kyiv-based animal organisation UAnimals to provide them with the funds they need to help rescues, veterinary clinics and even zoos caring for hundreds of animals.

HSI/Europe’s executive director, Ruud Tombrock says: “We are deeply concerned for the people and animals in Ukraine for whom the threat of injury or death from the fighting is compounded by the increasing challenge of safely finding food and supplies. Our first shipment of emergency funds and goods will reach many shelters, rescues and families struggling to cope. But the longer this conflict continues, the more challenging it may become. Significant numbers of dogs are now roaming the streets and seeking shelter in abandoned or bombed buildings because shelters have been damaged. There will also be animals on farms and in zoos for whom evacuation is just not possible. So alongside the human tragedy of this invasion we face the possibility of a worsening animal welfare crisis.”
国际人道协会欧洲分部的执行总经理路德·汤布洛克(Ruud Tombrock)说道:“我们对乌克兰的人民和动物深感担忧。由于安全找到食品和用品的难度越来越大,加重了战争造成伤害和死亡的威胁。我们发出的第一批应急资金和物品将送达正在苦苦挣扎的许多收容所、救助站和家庭。然而此次冲突的持续时间越长,情况就可能变得愈加艰难。由于动物收容所已经被战争摧毁了,目前有相当多的狗狗在街上四处游荡,跑到废弃的或炸毁的建筑物里面寻找安身之地。还有农场和动物园里的动物,它们也根本无法撤离。因此,这次入侵不仅造成人类悲剧,还可能不断加剧动物福利危机。”

You can help by making a donation to HSI’s emergency response for Ukraine and other life-saving efforts.

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