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Veganuary set to pass 2m milestone as more firms join movement

Harrods, Superdrug and Volkswagen among employers taking part in workplace challenge for first time

作者:Zoe Wood,2022年1月1日

A record number of people are expected to try to eat only plant-based foods this month as growing concern about the climate crisis heightens interest in the Veganuary movement.
现在人们越来越关注气候危机(climate crisis),对“纯素一月”(Veganuary)活动的兴趣也相应增加。因此,预计这个月有数量创纪录的社会各界人士尝试实行纯植物性饮食。

The global campaign is gathering momentum as more large employers promote it internally. This year, Harrods, Superdrug and Volkswagen UK are among the big names taking part in the Veganuary “workplace challenge” for the first time.
由于获得了越来越多大型企业的内部推广,这项全球运动的发展势头不断高涨。今年,Harrods、Superdrug和Volkswagen UK(英国大众汽车)等大牌公司首次参加“纯素一月”活动的“职场纯素挑战”(workplace challenge)。

The corporate push involves making more vegan food available at work as well as running education and morale-boosting events to help participants keep going throughout the month.

More than 500,000 people signed up to take part in last year’s Veganuary, about a quarter of whom – 125,000 – were based in the UK. However, the campaign’s research suggests that potentially 10 times as many people participate and a significant number continue with plant-based diets beyond the end of the month.

By the end of January, Veganuary expects to have reached the milestone of 2 million participants since its launch in 2014. It passed 1 million sign-ups in October 2020.

A YouGov poll of 2,079 UK adults for Veganuary found 4% planned to participate. Extrapolated to all UK adults, that would equate to 2.7 million people. The survey found that attitudes towards veganism had become more positive over the past two years, with 36% describing it as an “admirable thing to do”.

Veganuary’s Toni Vernelli said that 20 years ago if people said they were vegan, others would think it was a “weird thing to do” or “quite extreme”. “Now the first thing people say is ‘oh, I’m really cutting back on my meat and dairy consumption,’ and nine times out of 10 the reason is the environment.”
“纯素一月”组织的Toni Vernelli表示,20年前如果有人说自己是纯素食者(vegan),别人就会觉得吃素是一件“奇怪的事情”或者“很极端”。“现在人们一开口就说‘哦,我确实在减少我的肉类和奶制品消费,’,而且其原因十有八九都是为了保护环境。”

At the same time, going vegan is not the food-eliminating challenge it once was. There has been a gold rush in the food industry with investors pouring billions into alt-meat and dairy brands, a trend that has resulted in thousands of new products including high-profile innovations such as plant-based bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk.
现在成为纯素食者没有了以前的戒食难题。食品行业已经出现“淘金潮”(gold rush),投资者们将数十亿资金投入到替代肉和替代奶品牌,这个发展趋势催生了成千上万的(素食)新产品,其中不乏引人瞩目的创新产品,例如Cadbury Dairy Milk品牌的植物巧克力棒。

With more than 50,000 products certified by the Vegan Society, there has been no let-up before the 2022 campaign, with a welter of treats arriving on supermarket shelves and menus in the coming days.
英国纯素协会(The Vegan Society)迄今认证了50,000多件纯素产品。在2022年“纯素一月”活动到来之前,纯素产品的发展势头依然保持强劲;在接下来的日子里,一大批的美味素食将纷纷涌上超市货架和餐厅菜单。

A number of the most anticipated launches can be found in the cheese aisle. A vegan Babybel, made out of coconut oil and starch and wrapped in green rather than the brand’s trademark red wax, will make its debut. An almond- and oat-based Philadelphia spread is also coming.

Forty-two companies in the UK have signed up to the workplace challenge this year, including Marks & Spencer, the professional services firms PwC and EY, and the insurer Hastings Direct.
今年英国已有42家公司正式参加职场纯素挑战,其中包括零售公司Marks & Spencer、专业服务公司普华永道(PwC)和安永(EY)、保险经纪公司Hastings Direct等。

Cian O’Brien, the director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, said the company was focused on becoming more sustainable, and that went beyond its work on electrification. “Sustainability is broader and the opportunity to make a personal contribution through changing our habits has to be explored,” he said.
英国大众商用车总监Cian O’Brien表示,本公司注重更加可持续发展,而这方面的工作不仅限于电动化。他说:“可持续发展的范围比较广泛,需要探索通过改变我们习惯做出个人贡献的机会。”

Vernelli said it was important for business leaders to “set the tone”. “Our meat and dairy consumption is not sustainable and the leaders in our society have to take action on this. By taking part in the workplace challenge, they’re not only publicly showing their commitment to sustainability, but also to their staff and leading by example,” she said.

“I’m think it is incredible to have someone like Harrods taking part,” she added. “It shows that veganism cuts across all demographics. It isn’t a leftwing or rightwing thing or a class thing. We’ve got participants and businesses across all the whole spectrum.”



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