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December 21, 2021

In an historic vote, Italy to ban fur farming and shut down all mink farms within six months

Humane Society International in Italy hails ‘an historic victory’

Humane Society International / Europe

ROME—The Budget Committee of the Italian Senate today voted to approve a modified version of an amendment to the budget law which will see the country’s 10 remaining mink fur farms closed within six months and a permanent ban on fur farming throughout Italy.

The vote follows discussions with animal protection organisation Humane Society International/Europe which presented practical, strategic solutions to close and convert fur farms into alternative, humane and sustainable businesses in its recent report “Mink breeding in Italy: Mapping and future perspectives.” Although the decision requires final approval by the Parliament, this is expected to go through, making Italy the 16th country in Europe to ban fur farming. Many Italian designers have already gone fur-free including Valentino, Armani, GUCCI, Prada and Versace.
在本次投票之前,有关人员还与动物保护组织国际人道协会欧洲分部(HSI/Europe)进行了多次讨论。为了关闭并改造毛皮农场成为可持续发展和人道的不同企业,欧洲分部在其名为“Mink breeding in Italy: Mapping and future perspectives”的最新报告中,已提出了实用的战略解决方案。预计该项决定将获得意大利议会的最后批准,从而使意大利成为第16个禁止毛皮养殖的欧洲国家。包括Valentino(华伦天奴)、Armani(阿玛尼)、GUCCI(古驰)、Prada(普拉达)、Versace(范思哲)等品牌在内,现在许多意大利的设计师都已经弃用皮草。

HSI/Europe’s fur farm conversion proposal, which sought an end to fur farming due to animal cruelty and public health risks from zoonotic diseases, was endorsed by Italian Member of Parliament the Hon. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, who launched the political action to implement the conversion strategy with existing public funds, and Sen. Loredana De Petris who formally submitted the amendment.
由于毛皮养殖业存在虐待动物的现象和人畜共通传染病的公共卫生风险,为了取缔这个残酷危险的行业,国际人道协会欧洲分部的毛皮农场转型提议也获得了一些意大利议员的大力支持,其中包括众议员Michela Vittoria Brambilla和参议员Loredana De Petris:前者发起了政治行动,以利用现有的公共资金实施转型战略,而后者正式提交了预算法修正案。

Martina Pluda, director of Humane Society International in Italy, states: “This is an historic victory for animal protection in Italy, and HSI/Europe is immensely proud that our fur farm conversion strategy has played a central role in dismantling this cruel and dangerous industry in our country. There are very clear economic, environmental, public health and of course animal welfare reasons to close and ban fur farms. Today’s vote recognizes that allowing the mass breeding of wild animals for frivolous fur fashion represents a risk to both animals and people that can’t be justified by the limited economic benefits it offers to a small minority of people involved in this cruel industry. With so many designers, retailers and consumers going fur-free, conversion of fur farms offers people a sustainable future that the fur trade simply cannot provide.”
国际人道协会的意大利主管Martina Pluda表示:“这是意大利动物保护领域的历史性胜利,国际人道协会欧洲分部感到无比自豪,因为在废除我们国家这个残酷危险行业的过程中,我们的毛皮农场转型战略发挥了核心作用。关闭和取缔毛皮农场,既有非常清楚的经济、环境和公共卫生理由,也有显然的动物福利理由。今天的投票明确了,如果为了无关紧要的皮草时尚而允许大量养殖野生动物,就会对动物和人类都带来风险,而从事这个残酷行业的一小部分人获得有限的经济效益,也不能证明其合理性。随着众多的设计师、零售商和消费者弃用皮草,毛皮农场的转型可以为人们创造毛皮贸易根本无法实现的可持续发展的未来。”

The approved amendment includes:

An immediate ban on breeding of fur-bearing animals including mink, foxes, raccoon dogs and chinchillas, and the closure of all active fur farms in Italy by 30th June 2022;

Compensation for farmers, covered by a fund from the Ministry of Agriculture for a total of 3 million euros in 2022.

Hon. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, president of the Parliamentary Intergroup for Animal Rights and of the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment commented on the vote: “In thirty years of animal rights battle this is the best victory. Finally, a parliamentary vote sanctions the end of unspeakable suffering inflicted on animals only in the name of profit and vanity. Italy is the twentieth European country to introduce a ban or severe restriction on fur farming: better late than never. Now we await the final approval of the budget law, but the political will has been clearly expressed. A dream comes true that animal protection associations have cultivated for decades in our country. I want to thank all the colleagues of the Intergroup, in particular Vice-President De Petris, who presented the amendment and reported it to the committee, the parliamentarians who shared this choice and the Italian office of Humane Society International which has promoted the economic study whose results formed the ‘basis’ for formulating the proposal. It is a great achievement, which finally all those who love and respect animals rejoice!”
议会动物权利同盟以及意大利动物和环境保护联盟的主席Michela Vittoria Brambilla阁下对本次投票发表评论说:“这是在三十年的动物权利斗争中取得的最大胜利。最后再经过议会投票批准,就可以终结仅为追求利润和虚荣而对动物造成的无法形容的苦难。意大利是第二十个着手取缔或严厉限制毛皮养殖业的欧洲国家:行动晚了也比不行动要好。我们尚在等待预算法的最后获批,但是政治意愿已经清晰地表达出来了。各个动物保护协会在我们国家憧憬了几十年的梦想成为现实。我要感谢同盟的全体同仁,特别是提交修正案并向委员会作报告的副主席De Petris、赞同这项决定的议员们、以及国际人道协会的意大利办事处──其促进了经济研究,研究结果为制定转型提议提供了‘依据’。本次决定是伟大的成就,让所有爱护和尊重动物的人们都感到欢欣鼓舞!”

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